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Based on your answers, it seems like you are at medium risk of depression at the moment.
We’ve got you from here. Depression is a mental health concern that can pose several challenges to different aspects of our lives.It might seem alarming, but 1 in 3 people experience depression at least once in their lives. You’re not alone.
    Depression could affect your mood significantly. It can make you feel irritated with things and people often and find yourself stuck in a loop of feeling numb and sad.
    Depression can feel like a string of continuous thoughts in your head and you struggle to be at peace. The more you try to push these thoughts away, the more they seem to find their way back.
    It can make you lose interest and make it physically difficult to invest time in work. Thoughts often feel intrusive and clouded that makes work life tough.
    Depression can lead you to isolate yourself from others. It affects how we perceive and navigate relationships by making it increasingly difficult for us.
    Moderate Depression can lower your sex drive, making you lose interest in activities which once brought pleasure.
    Your body could experience aches and pains, feel exhausted by the weight of depression, and find it difficult to do the things that you were able to do without as much effort.
    Life could begins to seem difficult to navigate through. Sometimes we may feel hopeless about the future.
    Depression can affect how we view ourselves. It may trick us into thinking that we are not enough, or that something is wrong with us.
    "Your lifestyle is affected by depression in the many ways,
    It can make you feel exhausted and sometime make it very difficult for you to even leave your bed. You may sleep more or have trouble sleeping at all."
While depression can be complex, it is absolutely manageable. Little bit of support and compassion goes a long way. Here are the following ways in which we can support you:
Speak to our psychologist to understand better on how depression has an effect on your life specifically and what support you need
Long Term Support
Speak to an experienced psychologist to begin working on building coping and support mechanisms
Chat Support
Speak to our trainee psychologist for direction on what plan would work best for you
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