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Based on your answers, it seems like you are at hight risk of depression at the moment.
We’ve got you from here. Depression is a mental health concern that can pose several challenges to different aspects of our lives.It might seem alarming, but 1 in 3 people experience depression at least once in their lives. You’re not alone.
    Severe Depression can instill you with continuous feelings of sadness and frustration. It makes one tearful over small matters. One can even experience anger outbursts, irritability and anxious. Feelings of numbness can be observed significantly.
    Severe Depression causes psychotic thoughts like Hallucinations, Delusions and even feeling of Suicide. Intrusive thoughts of self-harm are a serious consequence of severe depression. It sometimes make one restless.
    It makes awfully difficult for the person to concentrate and make decisions. A person's sense of judgment is clouded and they tend to lose interest in every work they do.
    Depression can lead to Isolation. The unwanted and unworthy feeling is common. It has an adverse effect in managing relationships.
    Depression makes one lathargic and one does not feel like doing stuffs they once loved doing. Can experience considerably lower sex drive.
    "You suddenly lose or gain weight and notice a change in your appetite.You have trouble falling asleep or want to sleep more than usual.You are tired and lack energy. Aches and pain in body parts can be felt without reason. "
    Outlook towards life becomes prominently negative and hopeless. Depression can make us feel appailing and terrible about life and downhearted about the future.
    Severe Depression makes doubt your worth and oneself feels guilty about self and things that wouldn't normally affect them. Continuous feelings of low self-esteem and helplessness is also seen.
    Severe Depression majorly impacts one's lifestyle in ways like- It can make you feel extremely exhausted and fatigued, difficult to get out of bed with excessive sleepiness or either No sleep at all.
While depression can be complex, it is absolutely manageable. Little bit of support and compassion goes a long way. Here are the following ways in which we can support you:
Speak to our psychologist to understand better on how depression has an effect on your life specifically and what support you need
Long Term Support
Speak to an experienced psychologist to begin working on building coping and support mechanisms
Chat Support
Speak to our trainee psychologist for direction on what plan would work best for you
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