Looking To Increase Human & Corporate Efficiency? Meet HRIM.


Looking To Increase Human & Corporate Efficiency? Meet HRIM.

A programme designed exclusively for Human Resources and its impact on company culture. Your work is heroic, and we are here to equip you with an evidence-based approach.


Explore The Benefits Of HRIM

Onboarding/Exit Process


Onboarding/Exit Process

A good onboarding strategy can increase employee retention by 82%. We train HR to make sure employees are properly introduced to the workplace culture of an organisation, and are provided with all the materials and tools they would need for a smooth start. We also train HR to carry out a smooth offboarding process.

  • Implement effective strategies
  • Understand how to properly introduce workplace culture
  • Be up-to-date with HR technology
  • Improve knowledge transference process
  • Improve onboarding/offboarding data management

Organisational Gaps, Potential & Policies


Organisational Gaps, Potential & Policies

In retrospect, businesses depend on the output of their employees. Organisations have reported seeing a 26% higher revenue when their employees were more engaged and possess the right skills. We train HR to interpret organisational gaps, strengths, and potential, and hire the right people. We offer legal support for building policies such as leave policies, offer letters, forms, etc.

  • Implement recruitment strategies
  • Legal training & services
  • Analyse employee needs & demands
  • Maintain a healthy work culture
  • Employee conflict management

Learning Capsules


Learning Capsules

We hold workshops and training for HR professionals exclusively. Apart from the training we offer, we help you understand how you could incorporate mental wellness into your skills, roles and responsibilities. Oh, and for the sake of ease and convenience, we put them into little learning capsules!

  • Learn and grow as a team both personally & professionally
  • Enhance valuable skills (communication, empathy, goal-setting, etc.)
  • Get counselling for various mental health concerns.
  • Be prepared for future professional/interpersonal challenges

Human Value & Necessity Training


Human Value & Necessity Training

Shockingly, 55% of employees have admitted being harassed at work. There has also been a 30% rise in sexual harassment between 2018 - 2019. We equip HR and employees with PoSH awareness training, responsibility bearing, knowing what is acceptable and what is not. We also equip HR with practical knowledge on what to do, should an incident arise that requires immediate attention.

  • PoSH training for HR & employees
  • Establish safety intervention strategies
  • Awareness of different kinds of harassment
  • Encourage boldness to speak up
  • Reinforce strict safety guidelines

Our Process What The Process Looks Like


Company Analysis

Assessments for the company done throughout the first week.


Analysis & Report

Organisational potential, gaps & the need for policies would be identified.


Strategy Implementation

Experts would propose effective techniques that cater to concerns.


Training, Documentation & Data Tracking

Keep track of employee data and reports.

How to Get Started?


Request a Demo

If you would like to get a glimpse of what you are signing up for, you can book a demo with us! One of our experts will reach out to you and take you through a practice round of the process.


Seal The Deal!

This is a huge step towards a brighter future, so we want to make it official. Sign the MOU to establish your partnership with us. We love working with organisations that show a promising interest in their employees’ wellbeing.


Give It A Go

At this point, it’s time to embark on a journey that would not only be beneficial to employees but the organisation as a whole too. Work with our experts as we help you optimize your employees’ well-being, creating the ideal workplace for dedicated professionals.

Frequently Asked Questions


Absolutely. We respect your privacy, and would always seek your consent before we proceed to share any information for analysis/diagnostic purposes.

Recruiting and onboarding employees is a crucial step both for them, as well as for the company. With the right approach, employees would be properly introduced to work settings, specific tech that a company might be using, or certain mandatory rules they abide by. Recruitment done the right way could help companies eliminate gaps.

Of course! Mental health experts and coaches can help HR professionals evaluate employee skills, enhancing them to make sure that they contribute to the best of their abilities. We can reveal blind spots and propose strategies for improved performance too!

Throughout the programme, we constantly inform and train professionals along with analysis. There is a consistent learning and development process that takes place, with the progress regularly monitored. Our qualified experts are out there to give you the best in terms of knowledge and practical strategies.

It really is! The HR department of every company plays an important role in employee management. With businesses excelling with the performance of their employees, it is eminent that happiness increases productivity, and hence the company’s efficiency. To help HR thrive, human psychology is of the essence to grasp and understand for overall success.

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