Happy Employees = Increased Corporate Efficiency!


Happy Employees = Increased Corporate Efficiency!

“Motivating employees to work at their full potential is the main premise of successful management.” – Eraldo Banovac. There is no greater joy than watching your employees flourish using a practical work-based approach. And exactly that’s what we are here for!


Explore The Benefits of EAP:

Customised Therapy Packages


Customised Therapy Packages

Every organisation is unique in its own way, and so are its employees. We don’t have a fixed set of therapy sessions that a company needs to purchase. We understand that budget is of dire consideration when it comes to helping a company grow. So we are happy to help you identify how many sessions your organisation might need after analysing its standing. Place your trust in our recommendations or decide for yourself!

  • Choose from a wide range of therapy services
  • Get expert recommendations based on analysis
  • Budget-friendly & flexible timings
  • Convenient therapy services with qualified psychologists

Assessments & Monthly Reports


Assessments & Monthly Reports

Need data and analysis? Climb on board! Throughout the course of the programme, your employees will be asked to take part in assessments that analyse their workplace performance, productivity, personal challenges under all aspects pertaining to mental, emotional, and physical wellbeing. Monthly reports would be prepared and sent to you so gradual progress can be observed.

  • Identify employee strengths and weaknesses
  • Confidential reports for employees & organisations
  • Observe improvements throughout the programme
  • See areas for practical interventions

Employee Psychological Intervention


Employee Psychological Intervention

Employees are human beings who are susceptible to being weighed down by the pressures of life, the various factors influencing their mental health. Oftentimes, concerns such as anxiety, depression, or habits such as addiction can directly hinder one’s performance at work. And we really don’t want that happening when we can work towards creating a better environment for everyone instead! We have qualified therapists who really understand this, and are ready to help employees through practical interventions and techniques.

  • Diagnosis & mental health treatments
  • Workplace performance optimisation
  • Rehabilitation services
  • Long-term management solutions
  • Relationship & interpersonal skills management

Increased Productivity & Employee Retention


Increased Productivity & Employee Retention

Can we get a HURRAY for days when we feel super productive? You know exactly what we mean! Waking up one morning, feeling like you could take on the world and accomplish all your tasks one after the other, making your shocked boss extremely happy? Yeah, that’s what we’re talking about. Productivity! It comes from a part of us that has the energy and motivation to do more work and not burn out. And days of being productive in a happy work environment only makes it better for every employee’s well-being.

  • Counselling to empower employees
  • Tackling underlying mental health concerns
  • Evidence-based workshops
  • Work-life management

Organisational Performance, Capacities & Morales


Organisational Performance, Capacities & Morales

Companies thrive with the performance and good health of their employees. Identifying mental health concerns, managing them and taking safety precautions are effective when it comes to improving corporate efficiency. It has a direct impact. We can help companies examine how well their employees are treated in the workplace, concerns, complaints, performance and what influences overall profits.

  • Increased overall profits & savings
  • Healthier workplace environment
  • Lower risk of employee complaints
  • Resources and training workshops

Legal Assistance & Financial Advice


Legal Assistance & Financial Advice

Financial matters are common among employees. The stress produced amidst financial concerns that one might be having personally is proven to have an impact on their workplace performance. Our financial counsellors can help employees create feasible budgets for themselves, organise their financial gains, and prepare for the future in terms of retirement or other situations. We believe this would be highly beneficial for employees who would prefer financial security. We can also provide legal assistance for those who would like to understand legal methods and can provide legal services if needed.

  • Increased financial security
  • Legal assistance with licensed consultants
  • Solution-oriented future plans
  • Reduced financial stress

Our Process What The Process Looks Like


Tests & Analysis

Organisational needs & underlying concerns are assessed with accurate results.


Suggestive Measures

Therapy and workshops are recommended by mental health experts.


Therapeutic Care

Consultations & treatments done by qualified psychologists throughout the service.


Monthly Reports

We keep track of the progress throughout the programme.

How to Get Started?


Request a Demo

If you would like to get a glimpse of what you are signing up for, you can book a demo with us! One of our experts will reach out to you and take you through a practice round of the process.


Seal The Deal!

This is a huge step towards a brighter future, so we want to make it official. Sign the MOU to establish your partnership with us. We love working with organisations that show a promising interest in their employees’ wellbeing.


Give It A Go

At this point, it’s time to embark on a journey that would not only be beneficial to employees but the organisation as a whole too. Work with our experts as we help you optimize your employees’ well-being, creating the ideal workplace for dedicated professionals.

Frequently Asked Questions


Employee assistance programmes are work-based and are designed to support employees through personal concerns that might be affecting their performance at work. These therapy sessions and workshops help employees through emotional and psychological concerns through interventions and practical solutions.

This service is for the benefit of all employees. There is no cost involved on the part of the employees since we offer this service for the organisation as a whole. A healthy mindset is what we are aiming for every individual at a cost-effective price for the organisation.

Absolutely! You can book sessions through our website and choose the virtual option. Access mental health care from any part of the world!

EAP caters specifically to every employee, and company needs. Under EAP, we offer services such as:
  • Diagnosing your talents and improving your skills.
  • Conducting workshops on various personal and professional topics.
  • Providing therapy sessions to employees.

We encourage any organisation looking to improve its efficiency by focusing on employee well-being and productivity. If you are interested in the service, we assure you the best care for your employees!

We boast of the utmost confidentiality and handle information with care. We understand the importance of one’s privacy. The information used for analysis and reports would be protected.

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