Help A Friend Build Their Self Esteem

They’re honestly the best, its about time they know it too!
“To the world you may be just one person, but to one person you may be the world.”– Dr. Seuss
While it is easy to brush off low self esteem as a character trait or just as them feeling humble, it can be difficult to cope with and can have serious effects in the long run.If you notice that your friend keeps putting themself down, keeps feeling guilty despite it not being their fault and have very low confidence in any task that they take up – they may be struggling with issues related to self esteem.This can lead to them being walked over because they are not able to speak out their wants/ priorities, can create a lot of stress, worry or lonliness, apart from impacting academic or job performance. Counselling will help create a safe space for them to help feel good about themselves, reduce the occurrence of negative thoughts and build confidence.
We here at HeartItOut have professionals who know how to provide help according to your friend’s needs. We may be able to help them stop self-defeating talk and motivate them to see and enhance the qualities they possess.


  • Garima Singh
    "Heart it Out has a team of great therapists that are well-trained, sensitive and really show the kind of empathy and sensitivity that one needs when seeking professional mental health. I love that they routinely collaborate with specialists to hold events, support groups in the form Buddy Circles and have wonderful write ups on wellbeing and mental health. I have and will continue to recommend Heart It Out for anyone who wishes to have an empowering therapeutic experience."
  • Heera Selvakumar
    "My sessions at Heart It Out have been fruitful and meaningful, as I was aided by a notably perceptive therapist, Ms. Saumya Prakash. I would certainly recommend Heart It Out to anyone seeking to better themselves through therapy."
  • Gaurav Girish
    "Non judgemental, welcoming place for mental health, not just for therapy but for taking care of oneself. My experience at Heart It Out has been extremely fulfilling - I've taken baby steps in my mental health journey, with my therapist whom I connect with. I would recommend Heart It Out in a heart beat :)"
  • Meenakshi Kumar
    "The idea of therapy for me was a very uncomfortable one but thanks to Heart It Out, I've come to understand the need for therapy and how important it actually is for my wellbeing. My therapist has made sure that I have a safe space where I can express myself freely and I couldn't be more thankful for that. If you are looking for support for your mental health, you are in the right place!"
  • Vaishnavi Chavan
    "My sessions with Heart It Out have been transformative and deeply healing, and I love the approach Heart It out has adopted. It has really helped me to dig deeper into my authentic self.Therapy has nudged me in the right direction, and has helped me feel lighter and better. Heart it Out has genuinely helped me reinvent and love myself."
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