Anxiety & Self

"Even googling about anxiety, gives me anxiety..." Well, you're not alone. As mental health professionals, googling about any issue gives us anxieety too. One thing google doesnt tell you is that anxiety is not a box that you fit into. Its a spectrum of "I can't tell my neighbour the music is too loud" till "I can't breathe because I'm having a panic attack". Not to mention, anxiety can make it challenging to work or study or even relax consistently. It decreases concentration and increases fatigue. Anxious thoughts chase each other like a dog chasing its tail. Unfortunately, trying to calm anxiety with reassuring thoughts, or to “fix” anxious thoughts with other thoughts, just doesn’t work. It’s also exhausting. What adds to it all is the shame of having to seek reassuarance, not knowing how to be in public, not being able to take a compliment, and not landing the right jobs. It might seem like you're the only one, but its not true. 1 in 20 people struggle with anxiety of different kinds. While it might be scary to meet so many strangers, knowing that that's a fear shared by all of you might make it easier to be vulnerable, bring your authentic self and participate. Awareness is the first step in rewiring anxiety.

Materials & Ground Rules

Please log in 5 minutes before the session begins.
Try to join the session from a comfortable and safe place!
Be empathetic and non-judgemental towards other participants and yourself.
Please avoid interrupting other participants and wait for your turn.
Avoid giving direct solutions to any participant. Everyone is different and solutions that work for you may not work for others.
Feel free to ask any queries/questions at any point in the session.
Pencil/pen/colour pencils, paper, comfort food/object
Just be YOU! 🙂


Jyoti Das
Jyoti is a counselling psychologist from Bangalore, IndiaShe is extremely passionate about issues concerning students’ rights and LGBTQIA+ rights.
Sumithra Sridhar
Sumithra Sridhar  uses an eclectic approach to therapy and believes that therapy should fundamentally be based on providing individualised treatment and intervention.
Satya Gopal
Satya  uses an eclectic approach in therapy to help their clients work with gender and sexual health concerns, in individual, couple or family therapy settings.
Atmica Reddy
Atmica uses a combination of conventional psychological theories and creative tools such as visual art, music and movement to facilitate the therapeutic process.
Anvita Sethi
Anvita Sethi has extensive experience working with adolescents & adults in areas of stress management, anxiety, depression, self-esteem and resilience building.
  • Jyoti Das
    Jyoti is a counselling psychologist from Bangalore, IndiaShe is extremely passionate about issues concerning students’ rights and LGBTQIA+ rights.
8th May 2021
4PM to 6PM


Rs. 99

Highlights from Past Events

Peoples’ Experiences

  • Gaurav
    Going through a mental health challenge can make you feel isolated and afraid, among many other things. I remember feeling this way when I was in a difficult place, and that's when I signed up for a buddy circle at HiO. Although I was scared at first, that changed to relief and a sense of hope. The buddy circle reminded me that I'm not completely alone in my journey; help and company is always an arm's reach away :')
  • Nandini
    Buddy Circle serves exactly what it promises! I remember being a little nervous about my first session, but as you see people open up one by one and you relate with other's struggles, it feels like you're a part of a community, and you can really understand each other. What I liked about the buddy circle was that it always provides us with a learning strategy, something to take back and implement in your everyday life.
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