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Based on your answer you're at high risk of experiencing anxiety.
We’ve got you from here. Anxiety is body's natural response to something the brain has perceived as a threat. It begins to signal your body to get ready to fight or run away from this threat. Some times, the brain begins to perceive things in the future as threat and that is when anxietybegins affecting us in the present. Anxiety can pose different challenges to our lives. This may sound alarming, but 1 in 13 people struggle with anxiety around the world. You are not alone.
  • MOOD
    Severe Anxiety can make you feel fearful, constantly worried about the future, alert of your surroundings and constantly preparing for the worst. Severe anxiety shows up as intrusive thoughts that make you feel nervous, giddy and unsettled.
    Severe anxiety can lead to constant over-thinking. Your mind is continuously filled with thoughts, some relevant, some irrelevant and it is difficult to switch them off even if you're sitting completely idle. Anxiety can manifest itself as constant "what if" thoughts that cause discomfort. Thoughts can make you feel like you're drowning in them and unable to make time for the rest of your life. There is help that you can get to turn around your thoughts.
  • WORK
    Anxiety can make it difficult for you to concentrate and make decisions. You tend to worry about the work you do. It might be difficult for you to focus on work as you are in constant fear of what might happen next. This fear may hold you back and stop you from giving your 100% to the task at hand. Anxiety often causes you to procrastinate and lower your productivity. This might be making you very emotional and disturbed. Reach out for support to cope with the challenges that anxiety brings.
    You may be experiencing a constant sense of worry about your relationships with others. You might feel the need to please your partner because you experience a constant sense of dread of them leaving you and that you’re not doing enough in a relationship.Your relationship with your family and friends may probably feel strained and difficult sometimes, making it tough for you to communicate. There might be days where you don’t even feel like getting out of your pyjamas, and hey, that's okay. We hear you. Anxiety is manageable with a little support.
    Anxiety can have a severe impact on your sex life. There is stress and worry regarding your sexual performance as you might place considerably high standards of performance. This can lead you to experience a considerably lower sex drive and have trouble maintaining your interest during sex.
  • BODY
    Anxiety can present itself as frequent migraines, body aches that can’t be explained, nausea, skin conditions, digestive issues like constipation, diarrhoea, sweating, breathlessness, and zoning out frequently, among others. It can make you feel exhausted and tired and unable to live up to your potential through the day.
    Your outlook towards life is that of constant worry and concern. Because of the fear of things being out of control, you may tend to over-prepare for every task. You might have become more attentive of your surroundings, constantly scanning for signs in the environment that may activate your anxiety. You have noticed yourself pulling out of work and social situations. It may seem like there is no hope for the future and that there is no use in trying anything, but there is help for you. You will get through this.
    Your anxiety might make you feel not-okay with yourself. It may make you experience a lot more stress about the small imperfections about yourself. You might not be able to focus on your positive qualities. Continuous feelings of low self-esteem and helplessness is also seen. You might feel under-confident and it might be getting the better of you. Things seem a little stormy and while you might be spiralling down with your thoughts, it is important to take breaks and be kind to yourself from time to time.
    Anxiety can make you fall out of your daily routine and make it difficult to maintain it. Anxiety can affect your quality of sleep by inducing nightmares and making it difficult for you to fall asleep because of intrusive thoughts. Anxiety is energy draining and can make you feel exhausted and tired to carry on the rest of the day. You may find it difficult to get the day started. Unexpected and excessive shifts in lifestyle followed by extreme exhaustion and fatigue might be a few things that anxiety can be presented as. We know that you might be finding it extremely difficult to get out of bed with a disturbed sleep cycle that is not ready to be fixed. We know you're trying very hard and you wish for things to get back to normal and while you're currently surrounded by darkness, this is not going to last long. Hang in there.
While anxiety can be complex, it is absolutely manageable. Little bit of support and compassion goes a long way. Here are the following ways in which we can support you:
Understand Anxiety
Speak to our psychologist to understand better on how anxiety has an effect on your life specifically and what support you need
Long Term Support
Speak to an experienced psychologist to begin working on building coping and support mechanisms
Chat Support
Speak to our trainee psychologist for direction on what plan would work best for you
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