Technology in Mental Health and Practice
February 12 - February 13
Workshop Agenda:
The growth of technology has been exponential, and it is imperative for the mental health field to keep up.

This workshop has been developed to bridge the gap between technology and mental health by introducing:
  • tools to support treatment and recovery from mental health conditions
  • technological advancements in the field of mental health
  • resources to fill gaps in accessibility
  • technology that helps digitize and secure client information
  • digital security to protect confidentiality
  • telehealth, telepsychology, and therapy
Who can attend this
Register right away if any one of these apply to you:
  • a student of psychology or a practicing psychologist
  • an advocate of mental health
  • a passionate and curious learner
  • an open-minded, kind, and respectful human
Learning Outcomes
  • Assess the reality of stigmatization and accessibility of mental health
  • Evaluate the need and effectiveness of self-monitoring tools
  • Gain exposure to ongoing development in the field of technology and mental health
  • Evaluate the need for technology and data-driven insights in the field of mental health
  • Practice techniques of telepsychology, e-therapy, and other digitally-informed interventions
  • Establish digital boundaries
  • Resolve ongoing challenges in the field of mental health using technology
  • Get a certificate on successful completion
Nithya J. Rao
As a social entrepreneur and mental health activist, Nithya J. Rao has always been keen on exploring the impact of technology on mental health. In her practice, Nithya has applied several tech-informed interventions that have allowed her to investigate efficient diagnostic and treatment strategies. Through this session, Nithya looks forward to imparting her knowledge on how best psychologists can take advantage of technological resources to make mental health care accessible, feasible, and supportive.
Taha Zaidi
Taha Zaidi is a decision scientist and the co-founder of Heart It Out. As a technology enthusiast, he has worked on companies with great ideas to solve problems using data and lazy tech. Taha leverages his learnings from Mu Sigma and Hotstar to bridge the technology gap in mental healthcare to concoct a sustainable career path for mental health practitioners. As a trainer, he believes his innovative ideas and problem-solving abilities, in conjuncture with indispensable 21st-century skills can eventually create a symbiotic relationship between technology and mental health.
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