Mental Health Law & Emergency Care
January 22 - January 23
Workshop Agenda:
People experiencing severe mental health concerns are quite vulnerable to violation of basic rights. During emergencies, in particular, the vulnerability of these populations is heightened, demanding access to immediate mental health care services. Undeniably, there exists a critical need for protective mechanisms, including legislative provisions and policies to preserve the rights of this group.

This workshop has been designed by a psychiatrist, a rehabilitation psychologist, and two lawyers, to bring some critical matters to the forefront like:
  • mental health laws that govern healthcare systems
  • legal and ethical frameworks for mental health professionals
  • accessibility to immediate mental health care services
  • the reality of rehabilitative care in India
  • components of psychiatric emergencies
  • skills needed for psychological emergencies
Who can attend this
Register right away if any one of these apply to you:
  • a student of psychology or a practicing psychologist
  • an advocate of mental health
  • a passionate and curious learner
  • an open-minded, kind, and respectful human
Learning Outcomes
  • Learn and critically evaluate mental health laws in India
  • Gain clarity about the role of a therapist in sensitive cases that may involve the legal system
  • Understand and communicate client rights, especially to the marginalized
  • Assess the need for emergency care (EC)
  • Develop ideas to make EC pervasive & accessible
  • Recognize the procedures, rights and ethics surrounding EC and inpatient care
  • Apply the WHO standards of care- RAPID model
  • Perform the steps required to monitor self as an EC professional
  • Get a certificate on successful completion
Vivek Krishnaswamy
Vivek Krishnaswamy is a securities lawyer at J Sagar Associates, Gurgaon. He is currently working on drafting a "Prevention and Eradication of Inhuman Superstitious Practices and Black Magic Bill" for the State of Telangana with the hope of providing mental health care for victims as well as perpetrators of superstitious crimes. Vivek believes that learning is a collaborative process and aims to make this workshop a lively discussion rather than a lecture.
Paaras Pandey
Paaras Pandey is a registered, licensed legal practitioner (advocate) based out of Bangalore. He uses his language skills, knowledge of law and understanding of the Indian legal system, to educate people about how to navigate disagreements, conflicts, differences and disputes more efficiently. Currently, he is running his independent legal practice and advises low to middle-income individuals, high net worth individuals, and companies of various sizes, on a range of legal cases (contracts, transactions, legal risk, and disputes).
Dr. Madhupreetha S
Dr. Madhupreetha S is trained in emergency psychiatry and acute care, geriatric psychiatry and de-addiction psychiatry along with other subspecialties. She has been the recipient of the best psychotherapy award from the Department of Psychiatry (NIMHANS), her alma mater. Throughout her practice, Dr. Madhupreetha has developed unique insights into psychiatric emergency care, which she is eager to impart as a trainer.
Nithya J. Rao
In her extensive practice as a rehabilitation psychologist, Nithya J. Rao has worked with people in various settings, especially those warranting emergency care. She has amassed the skills, mindset, and tools required to have efficient responses in critical situations. Through this workshop, Nithya is eager to demonstrate psychological interventions tailored to emergency support and care.
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