What is the AGENDA of this workshop?

For individuals facing severe mental health concerns. You will gain insights into the legal foundations shaping mental health services and the rights available to those experiencing mental health issues. By the end of the program, you will possess a comprehensive understanding of India's legal landscape concerning mental health. Join us for this enriching class on Mental Health and Law, where we aim to ensure equitable access to quality mental healthcare and uphold the rights of individuals. Together, let's make a positive impact in the field of mental health.

Who can ATTEND this workshop?

You are eligible to register if you are,


Psychology students,Law students, Sociology students,Engineering students



Social workers

Doctors, Nurses

Police people

It's basically open to the general public!

What will you LEARN at the end of this workshop?

Learn and critically evaluate mental health laws in India

Gain clarity about the role of a therapist in sensitive cases that may involve the legal system

Understand and communicate client rights, especially to the marginalized

Meet your TRAINER

What to EXPECT

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