Group Work and Supervision
December 11 - December 12
Workshop Agenda:
Ever wondered about your patterns of behaviour while working in a group? Exposure to diversified ideas and constructive criticism are some of the perks of group work and peer presence, especially in our professional lives.

This workshop, led by experts in the field of group work, has been designed to experientially impart:
  • an understanding of group dynamics
  • how to introspect and enhance relational growth
  • skills to facilitate group events
  • tools to reflect on peer-driven learning and support
Who can attend this
Register right away if any one of these apply to you:
  • a student of psychology or a practicing psychologist
  • an advocate of mental health
  • a passionate and curious learner
  • an open-minded, kind, and respectful human
Learning Outcomes
  • Understand the characteristics of group dynamics
  • Evaluate group dynamics based on group type and purpose
  • Practice the different methods of supervising and understand the benefits of supervising.
  • Creatively combine collaborative and non-directive models
  • Mediate potential challenges that may arise in group situations
  • Explore event facilitation
  • Get a certificate on successful completion
Roy Jacob
Roy Jacob has been facilitating programs for young adults for over a decade now, and is particularly passionate about using conflict as an opportunity for deeper understanding and connection. He has been facilitating the India Youth Jam, Authentic Relating programs, Nonviolent Communication, among others. As a trainer, he is known for creating spaces that are both 'safe' as well as 'brave' and where deep listening takes place.
Dr. James Joseph
Dr. James Joseph is a NIMHANS trained dedicated and knowledgeable social worker with vast experience in psychiatric rehabilitation and community mental health. As a trainer, James is keen on imparting his unique perspectives on how to effectively mediate challenging circumstances, informed by his professional expertise as a counsellor, social worker, and researcher.
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