Continuous Learning Processes
February 5 - February 6
Workshop Agenda:
Albert Einstein once said, "I have no talent, I'm only passionately curious." At Heart It Out, we believe that learning is eternal, as we fuel our minds with new perspectives, skills, and creative problem solving techniques. This collective mindset has urged us to curate an exclusive workshop which aims to,

Workshop Take-aways:
  • aid unlearning of rigid enclaves that restrict personal growth and development
  • introduce pro tips to stay updated and upskilled in our dynamic society and culture
  • emphasize the impact of limitless learning on moulding well-informed mental health professionals
  • share hacks to enrich learning through unconventional strategies
Who can attend this
Register right away if any one of these apply to you:
  • a student of psychology or a practicing psychologist
  • an advocate of mental health
  • a passionate and curious learner
  • an open-minded, kind, and respectful human
Learning Outcomes
  • Assess the need for continuous learning processes as a part growth and development
  • Address changes in the field of psychology
  • Access the right resources to keep up with research and development within the field
  • Evaluate unconventional but effective sources of staying updated
  • Hone soft skills of psychology
  • Internalize self-care and self-awareness techniques in order to practice better-informed therapy
  • Get a certificate on successful completion
Sumithra Sridhar
Sumithra Sridhar's meticulous mind has allowed her to construct efficient ways of staying informed, ranging from attending workshops and reading articles, to engaging with mindfulness, reflection and introspection. She is a firm believer that learning has no limits in terms of age, education, or expertise. In her practice, Sumithra ensures that she stipulates time for personal learning and growth. As a trainer, she is keen on sharing some of her continuous learning processes.
Delphina Esther
In addition to being a counselling psychologist, Delphina Esther is an avid reader and curious learner. She has always explored the unconventional and has devised interdisciplinary methods to address the diverse range of concerns presented by her clientele. As a self
  • proclaimed "research
  • avoider", Delphina has unravelled several alternative strategies to keep her updated and feed her inquisitive mind. Through this session, she is eager to share some of these strategies, and encourage personalized continuous learning processes.
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