Community Well-being
January 29 - January 30
Workshop Agenda:
As a community, we are collectively enduring one of the most challenging times with the global pandemic. Amidst this was the growing dependence on technology and the rapid shift to digitization, which had a magnanimous impact on learning, development, and well-being.

This workshop has been designed to introduce:
  • community driven strategies to adapt, support, and embrace differences
  • the large scale impact of evolving digital communities
  • collective goals of improved health, vitality, prosperity and sustainability
  • development of global connectedness via digital resources
Who can attend this
Register right away if any one of these apply to you:
  • a student of psychology or a practicing psychologist
  • an advocate of mental health
  • a passionate and curious learner
  • an open-minded, kind, and respectful human
Learning Outcomes
  • Contextualize the meaning and purpose of a community in the reality of the 21st century
  • Examine the impact of community on individual growth and well-being
  • Effectively mediate the many different cultures, beliefs and themes that may be comprised within a community
  • Ensure well-being by encouraging continuous growth and development of skills
  • Mobilize digital communities towards collective goals
  • Get a certificate on successful completion
Nithya J. Rao
As a social entrepreneur, psychologist, actor and artist, Nithya J. Rao has accumulated years of experience working with people and has been recognised by the Global Shapers Community as she continues to strive towards creating meaningful impact. Through this interactive session, Nithya looks forward to providing her multifaceted insights into the ways in which our community can thrive and flourish, by unravelling its implications within the country and beyond.
Taha Zaidi
Taha Zaidi is a decision scientist and the co-founder of Heart It Out. His work has been featured by Plus+, a magazine that works with Body Image in the Fashion Industry and by India Today and Lenskart. His skillset is especially relevant in the age of digital communities where an emphasis on mental health and well-being on a larger scale is necessary to bring about Global Impact. As a trainer, he believes his innovative ideas and problem-solving abilities, in conjuncture with indispensable 21st-century skills can eventually create a symbiotic relationship between technology and mental health.
Ashank Bhandari
Ashank Bhandari (he/him) identifies himself as a father, son, husband, friend, artist, problem solver, technology, Star Wars and Marvel buff. An engineer by degree, he has over 12 years of industry experience spanning across industries and job functions. Among other things, he has been a TA (Transactional Analysis) trainee for 2 years and is determined about inculcating mental health conversations in his day to day life.
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